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Business closure archive

  • To search for a business, hit F3 to search in page for a business name.
  • This is a rough list of businesses that are no longer at a certain location.
  • The list has errors and omissions.
  • Much of the information is estimated as discoveries are made.
  • Some of the business "closures" are simply a business moving to a new location,
    not going "out of business", even though not designated as so.
  • The links lead to news items in the BR Gazette or BR Random Ripplings.
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2024Rene's Bakery
6524 Cornell Ave

2024Broad Ripple Bistro
6331 Guilford Ave

moved from 916 Westfield Blvd to 6117 College

2024Blupoint Oyster House and Bar
5858 College Ave

5555 Illinois St

2024Nicey Treat
moved from 916 E. Westfield Blvd

808 Broad Ripple Ave

2024Usta Turkish Restaurant
6334 Guilford Ave

2024eP.S. Jewelers
6575 College Ave

2024Apocalypse Burger
115 E. 49th St

2024The Indianapolis Public Library - Glendale Branch
6101 Keystone Ave

2024Caliente Mexican Restaurant (Biscuits)
1035 Broad Ripple Ave

2024The Wine Shop
5897 N. College Ave (changed name to Bev Shop by Big Red)

6280 College Ave

2024Disability Legal Services of Indiana, Inc.
5954 N. College Ave (changed name to Ability Allies)

2023Massage Envy
6280 N. College Ave, suite 150

2023Chromatic Collective
6216 Carrollton Ave

7279 N. Keystone Ave

7225 N. Keystone Ave

2023Scarlet Lane SoBro Tap House
4601 College Ave

2023New Era Automotive
5402 Keystone Ave

2023eWorld Record Shoppe
2184 E. 54th St

2023eNaptown Thrift
moved from 2174 E. 54th St

2023IMPD Substation
605 Westfield Blvd

2023Bray Technologies Computer Repair
6132 College Ave

moved from 6249 College Ave

2023Top Tier Aesthetics
833 Westfield Blvd

2023Flood + Lewis
6417 Carrollton Ave

2023The Magic Bus
1073 Broad Ripple Ave

2201 Broad Ripple Ave

2023The Flying Cupcake
1134 E. 54th St

2023The Potter's House
6503 Carrollton Ave

2023MicroVote General Corporation
moved from 6366 Guilford Ave

2023The Crafty Animal
6420 Cornell Ave

moved from 701 Broad Ripple Ave

2023Foundation Coffee Company
4565 Marcy Lane

2023CeCe Restyled
5206 College Ave

2023The Makers' Market
5208 College Ave

62nd and Allisonville Rd

2023Keystone Sports Review
56th and Keystone

2023Haus Love
5901 College Ave (became Heidi Woodman Interiors)

2023Vegas Lounge and Bar
723 Broad Ripple Ave

2023New Paradise Cafe and Hookah
moved from 824 Westfield Blvd

2023OM hOMe
6516 Ferguson St

706 Broad Ripple Ave

2023 023 Sisters Cafe
6223 Guilford Ave

2023Sangrita Saloon
834 E. 64th St

2112 Broad Ripple ave

2023Blind Zebra Consulting
moved from 1051 E. 54th St suite B

2022eNajima Star
1927 E. 52nd St

2022eEmbarque Yoga Therapy + Massage
1057 E. 54th St Studio D

2022ePalm Court Designs
1057 E. 54th St Studio K

2022JW Salon
6233 Carrollton Ave

2022The Beauty Market
922 Westfield Blvd

2022Health Spot Vitamins
2128 Broad Ripple Avenue

2022India Garden
830 Broad Ripple Ave (became India Hut)

2022Biscuits Cafe
1035 Broad Ripple Avenue (became Caliente Mexican Restaurant)

1079 Broad Ripple Avenue (became Fleet Feet)

1305 Broad Ripple Avenue

2022 10Orsini Hair
724 Broad Ripple Avenue

2022Wyliepalooza Ice Cream Emporium
1049 E. 54th St

2022 (est)Allos Ventures
6340 Westfield Blvd

2022A O K Car Care
5581 Keystone Ave

2022Texas Margaritas Mexican Restaurant
6473 Keystone Ave

2022 08L.A. Fitness
6160 Keystone Ave

2022Village Montessori School
moved from 6535 Ferguson St

2022Coby Palmer Designs
2060 E. 54th St suite 05

2022Olio Health
moved from 6202 Carrollton Ave

2022 05Broad Ripple United Methodist Church
6185 Guilford Ave

2022Storefront Theatre of Indianapolis
moved from 717 Broad Ripple Ave to 56th and Keystone

2022St. Vincent Immediate Care
6320 College Ave

2022Next Door American Eatery
4573 N. College Ave

2022Ezra's Enlightened Cafe
6516 Ferguson St

2022Jace Exotics
6528 Cornell Ave

2020Kiln Creations Wheelhouse
6511 Ferguson St.

2022 02Egyptian Cafe & Hooka Bar
moved from 6265 Carrollton Ave

2022 01Rebel Vintage
became Lux and Ivy 1051 E 54th St

2022Unique Thrift Store
2350 E. 52nd St

2022eDraw It to Know It
6507 Ferguson St

6334 Westfield Blvd (bought by Ironclad)

2021Debra L. Kelb, CPA
retired - 819 E. 64th St

2021St. Paul's On The Way
803 Broad Ripple Ave

6226 College Ave

2021Bella Bridesmaid
726 E. 65th St

2021Sun King Brewing / One Trick Pony
1021 Broad Ripple Ave

2021Crown Jewelry and Watch Repair
4909 College Ave

2021Union Jack Pub
moved from 924 Broad Ripple Ave

2021Noodles and Co.
927 Broad Ripple Ave

2021Embarque Yoga
54th and Monon

2021The Shop
moved from 920 Broad Ripple Ave

2021Ferguson Kitchens and Bath Showroom
54th and Monon

2021Pete's Service Center
moved from 49th & Penn

2021Little Cairo Cafe
5164 College Ave

2021Aroma Cafe
5402 College Ave

2635 E. 62nd St

2021Village Recording Studio
841 Westfield Blvd

2021Empress Eyes
moved from 6117 N College Ave #4

2021 07Baskin-Robbins
2201 Broad Ripple Ave

2021 05Baker Law Team
moved from 2015 E. 62nd St (Broad Ripple Ave)

2021Locally Grown Gardens
1050 E. 54th St

2021The Flying Cupcake
moved from 56th & Illinois

2021Monkey's Tale Bar
925 Westfield Blvd

2021Marco's Restaurant & Lounge
2380 E. 54th St

2021One Up Arcade Bar
723 Broad Ripple Ave

2021Domino's Pizza
1045 Broad Ripple Ave

2021 01Seraphim Asian Grill
921 Broad Ripple Ave

2021 01Habig Garden Shop
5201 College Ave

2021eCornerstone Coffee
651 E. 54th St

2020 12Johnny's Market
6335 N. College Ave

2020Leaf & Limb
833 Westfield Blvd.

2020Half Baked Pottery
6511 Ferguson St.

4709 College Ave.

2020Broad Ripple Knits
6510 Cornell St

2020Holistic Terra
6224 College Ave

2020State of Grace Boutique
6243 College Ave

2020TikiTiki Lounge
1001 Broad Ripple Ave

2020Captain Sushi
6253 College Ave

Glendale Town Center

2020Chef JJ's Back Yard
1040 Broad Ripple Ave

2020Passwater's Auto Specialists
829 Broad Ripple Ave

2020 11Kroger
6220 Guilford Ave

2020 09Urban Gypsy Salon/Spa
moved from 6407 Ferguson St

2020 08The Nook by Northside (Pizza)
6513 College Ave

2020 08Alley Girls
833 Westfield Blvd (rear)

2020Broad Ripple Lawn Equipment
823 E. 64th St

2020 07Style Salon
moved from 6503 Carrollton Ave

2020 07Scandinavian Comfort
5914 N College Ave

2020 06Studio C's Coffee Shop
1105 E. 52nd St

2020 06The Empty Vase
1105 E. 52nd St

2020 06Mass Ave Toys
1057 E. 54th St ste J

2020?Title Boxing Club
Glendale - 2625 E. 62nd St

2020?Harvest Cafe Coffee Roasters
2225 E. 54th St

2020 06WB Pizza
62nd & Allisonville Road

2020 06Lids Outlet
6315 North Keystone Ave

6320 Guilford Ave

2020 06The Dancing Donut
1134 E. 54th St Studio G

2020 05Vintage Vogue
2361 Broad Ripple Avenue

2020 05Offshore by Pier 48
1021 Broad Ripple Avenue becomes The Village Kitchen at Sun King

2020 05Old Pro's Table
827 Broad Ripple Avenue

5405 N. Keystone Avenue

2020J.R. Walsh Realty
6535 Cornell Ave

2020 05Dinwiddies
6216 Carrollton Avenue (moved to online)

2020 05Brugge Brasserie
1011 Westfield Boulevard

2020 04SweeTies Gourmet Treats
moved from 2101 Broad Ripple Avenue

2020 03Next Door American Eatery
4573 College Avenue

2020 02Green Men Restoration Design Center and Green Men Restoration Gallery
moved from 2376 E. 54th Street

2020 01SoBro Cafe
653 E. 52nd Street

2020 01Ossip Optometery (becomes My Eye Dr)
804 Broad Ripple Ave

2019Books & Brews
6420 Cornell Avenue

2019Law Office of Gary Colasessano
moved from 6202 College

2019 10Sparkle Cleaners
5167 College Ave

2019eArtistry Group
652 E. 52nd St

2019Law Office of Linda Kelly
moved from 6202 College

2019?BeBop Pizza
705 E. 54th St

2019Horne Law - William McHenry Horne
6202 College

2019Design 27
moved from 5366 N. Winthrop Ave

2019The Vanguard
6319 Guilford Ave

2019Steak 'n Shake
54th and Keystone

2019?Wellness Through Massage
moved from 6214 Carrollton

916 Broad Ripple Ave

2019Whitehot Marketing
6201 N. Winthrop Ave

2131 N. Keystone Ave.

2019 12David E. Dearing, Attorney
moved from 5936 N. Keystone Avenue

2019 12Taste of Havana
815 Broad Ripple Avenue

2019 11Donut Experiment
Glendale Town Center

2019 11Crab General
921 Broad Ripple Avenue

2019 10Triton Tap
915 Broad Ripple Avenue

2019 09Txuleta Basque Cider House
1011 Westfield Boulevard

2019 09New Paradigm Christian Church
moved from 62nd & Carrollton Avenue

2019 09Louie's Wine Dive
701 Broad Ripple Avenue

2019 09HoiTea ToiTea
6283 College Avenue

2019 08Scotty's Dawghouse
Butler University garage

2019 08Blue Door retail boutique
6426 N. College Avenue

2019 08Pei Wei
Glendale Town Center

2019 08Taste Cafe & Marketplace
5164 N. College Avenue

2019Juicin' 4 Life
5168 College Avenue

2019 08Athletic Annex Running Centre
6528 Cornell Avenue

2019 08Got Sole?
6243 College Avenue

2019 08Rusted Lady Antiques
moved from 6415 Ferguson Street

2019 07Dawson and Daisy
6418 N. Carrollton Avenue

2019 07Natural Born Juicers
882 Coil Street

2019 07O'Charley's Restaurant
Glendale Town Center

2019 05Thr3e Wise Men
1021 Broad Ripple Avenue

2019 05Plenty Lifestyle
1051 E. 54th Street

2019 05KeyBank
64th and College Avenue

2019 03The Corner
6331 Guilford Avenue

2019 03Bentley's Pet Stuff
6280 College Avenue (garage)

2019 02Marco's Pizza
6280 N. College Avenue (garage)

2019 Rubbr
5343 Winthrop Ave

2019 02Harold's Chicken
1904 Broad Ripple Avenue

2019 01Noble Romans
49th and Penn

2019 01Geeks Seafood
6336 Guilford Avenue

2019Playful Soul
moved from 6516 Ferguson St

2018 11Weaver's Lawn & Garden
1316 Broad Ripple Avenue

2018 11Village Pantry
6302 N. College Avenue

2018Annabelle's Garden To The City
5168 College Avenue

2018 10City Dogs Grocery
6055 N. College Avenue

2018 09Open Society Public House
49th and College Avenue

2018 06Broad Ripple High School
1115 Broad Ripple Avenue

2018 05Christian Science Reading Room
moved from 2136 Broad Ripple Avenue

2018 04Re-Bath Designs
6038 N. Keystone Avenue

2018 03 07Corner Wine Bar / The Wellington Pub
6331 Guilford Ave

2018 03Erbert & Gerbert's Sandwich Shop
930 Broad Ripple Avenue

2018 03Verdigris
5208 N. College Avenue

2018 03Fira Boutique
918 Broad Ripple Avenue

2018 Sycamore Realty
moved from 815 E. 63rd Place

2018 02Little Caesar's Pizza
49th and College Ave

2018 02Eva Maison
912 Westfield Boulevard

2018 01Subway
901 Broad Ripple Ave

2018 01Cancun Mexican Restaurant
6473 N. Keystone Avenue

2018 01Good Conduct Lounge and Miss Behavin'
1001 Broad Ripple Avenue

2018 01Bent Rail Brewery
5301 N. Winthrop Avenue

2017 12La Chinita Poblana
927 Westfield Blvd

2017 12George's
801 Broad Ripple Avenue - becomes Raffi's Tacos

2017 12PRINTtEXT
closed its storefront location at 652 E. 52nd Street

2017 11Crackers Comedy Club
6281 College Ave

2017 11Mr. Poster
855 Main Street

2017 10The Sewing Speakeasy
803 Broad Ripple Avenue

2017Noble of Indiana
6060 N. College Avenue

2017Value World
2350 E. 52nd Street

2017Shampoo Salon
6247 College Ave

701 E. 62nd St

2017The Wild Beaver Saloon
723 Broad Ripple Ave

2017Chase Bank satellite drive-thru-only facility
south of the parking garage on College

2017United Vapers of America
843 E. Westfield Boulevard

2017Indy UpCycle
6354 Guilford Ave

2017Marsh Hometown Market
2302 E. 53rd St

2017Razzle Dazzle
841 Westfield Boulevard

2017 10City Moto
4911 N. College Avenue

2017Village Church of the Nazarene
6568 Cornell Avenue

2017 10Monon Food Company
6420 Cornell Avenue

2017 09Boogie Burger
1904 Broad Ripple Avenue

2017 08WingLicious
2132 E. 62nd Street

2017 08Snapdragon Salon
Glendale Town Center

2017Broad Ripple Spa
moved from 819 Broad Ripple Avenue

62nd & Keystone

4709 College Avenue

5168 N. College Avenue

2016 12Hardwicke's Pipe & Tobacco
743 Broad Ripple Ave

2016 12BlumLUX
Carter Bldg at Guilford and Westfield Blvd

2016 1120 Past 4 & More
6507 N. College Avenue

2016 11The Village Cigar
6513 N. College Ave

2016 11Rocket 88 Donuts
49th & College Ave

2016 11Applebee's Neighborhood Grill
1050 Broad Ripple Ave

2016Elán Hair Design
moved from 2117 Broad Ripple Avenue

2016UrbanKitti Boutique
853 E. 65th Street

2016Eclectic Peace Beauty Lounge
816 E. 64th Street

930 Broad Ripple Avenue

2016Pak Mail
2113 Broad Ripple Ave

2016Noble Center
6060 N. College Ave

54th and College Ave

2016eBroad Ripple Animal Wellness Center
5897 N. College Ave

2016 05Sasha's Watch & Jewelry Repair
739 Broad Ripple Ave

2016 05United Repair Service Alterations
817 Broad Ripple Ave

2016Simplicity Massage Studio
moved from 6161 College Ave

2016Barking Dog Cafe
115 E. 49th Street

2016Lucky B
918 Broad Ripple Avenue

2016First Financial Bank
6320 College Avenue

2016Dr. Andrey Horton DDS
moved from 6434 College Avenue

2016Fetch Petite doggie daycare
6309 Keystone Avenue

2016G. Thrapp Jewelers
56th & Illinois

2016Classic Cleaners
1037 Broad Ripple Avenue

2016 1Skinny & Co. Coconut Oil
6367 Guilford Avenue

2016 1Virginia Jarvis Coiffures
716 E. 65th Street

2015Vibes Records
1051 E. 54th St

1850 Broad Ripple Ave

2015Northside Family Physicians
6320 Ferguson St

2015Bébé Gâté
920 Broad Ripple Ave

2015Radio Shack
53rd and Keystone

2015Fine Estate Rugs
59th and College Ave

moved from 853 E. 65th St

2015eCeramic Dreams
6185 Rural St

2015h2o sushi
1912 Broad Ripple Ave

1051 E. 54th St

2015Greek's Pizzeria
6336 Guilford Ave

6503 Ferguson St

2015lava lips
49th and College Ave

2015Gallery Two
59th and College Ave

2015Little Caesars Pizza
65th and Keystone Ave

2015Fifth Third Bank
1036 Broad Ripple Ave

2015A1 Liquor
(became SoBro Spirits Wine Craft Beer) 1721 E. 52nd St

2015Robert E. Kennington American Legion Post 34
moved from 6440 Westfield Blvd

2015Menchie's Yogurt
Glendale Town Center

1134 E. 54th

2015Twist Lounge
1134 E. 54th, Studio H

2015Monical's Pizza
1134 E. 54th, Studio H

2132 Broad Ripple Avenue

2015Julia's Alterations
2115 Broad Ripple Ave

1045 Broad Ripple Ave

921 Broad Ripple Ave

2014Pavlack Law
moved from 6507 Ferguson St

6503 Carrollton Ave

2014Razzle Dazzle
moved from 833 Westfield Boulevard

2014Brothers Floor Covering
moved from 1025 E. 54th

2014Ceramic Dreams
moved from 54th and Monon Shops

2014City Dogs Grocery
moved from 5209 N. College Ave

2014He Does Hair
826 E. Westfield Blvd.

2014Inner Balance Acupuncture + Massage
moved from 828 E. Westfield Blvd

2014Bleeker Street
6311 Guilford Ave

2014Next Step maternity consignment shop
6352 Guilford Ave

2014Little Super
5208 College Ave

2014JT's Grille and Bar
2210 E. 54th St

2014eCarreau Design
Coil Street and Cornell Avenue

2014Makeup by Sparkle
6214 Carrollton Ave

2014Wild Side Smoke Shop
914 Broad Ripple Ave

2014Paw Patch Place
moved from 4850 N. College Ave to E. 54th

2014SweeTies Gourmet Treats
moved from 1081 Broad Ripple Ave to a few blocks east

2014Village Experience
6055 N. College Ave

2014Hoosier Salon Fine Arts Gallery
moved from 714 E. 65th St to Carmel

2014Ripple Surf and Board Shop
moved from 832 Broad Ripple Avenue to Carmel

2014Broad Ripple Knits
moved from 6367 Guilford Ave

2014Firehouse Subs
6280 Broad Ripple Ave

2014Premiere Music Studios
moved from 6177 College Ave

2014Badd and The Beautiful
841 Westfield Blvd

908 Westfield Blvd

2014Orange Leaf
6280 College Ave

6323 Guilford Ave

2014Big Hat Books
6510 Cornell Ave

2014Spider's Shirt Shack
833 E. Westfield Blvd

6231 Keystone Ave

moved from 823 E. Westfield Blvd

2013Deitease Boutique
826 Westfield Blvd

2013RA Nightclub
6283 College Ave

2013'ZA pizzeria
801 Broad Ripple Ave

2013Avec Moi
701 E. 62nd St

2013Coby Palmer Designs
moved from 2376 E. 54th St

moved from 915 Westfield Blvd

2013Blush Shoetique
833 Westfield Blvd

moved from 5335 Winthrop Ave

2013Parcha Sweets
2101 Broad Ripple Ave

2013Half Baked Pottery
moved from 918 Broad Ripple Ave

2013Urban Optiks
moved from 840 E. 64th St

2013BW-3 (Buffalo Wild Wings)
moved from 6235 Guilford Ave

2013Uber Design
moved from 5910 College Ave

2013Fox Studios Art Glass
Kessler and College

908 Westfield Blvd

2013Seattle Sutton
moved from 5560 Illinois St

2013Klassical Keys
moved from 833 E. 64th St

2013Tru Nightclub
6235 Guilford Ave

became Willows Event Center 6729 Westfield Blvd

moved to Carmel from 6356 Guilford Ave

2013Indie Bike
moved from 652 E. 52nd St

2013D & Z Gifts flower shop
4913 N. College Ave

2013Ambre Blends Studio
moved from 6544 Ferguson St

2013Forever Young Salon
819 E. 64th St

2013Indianapolis Peace Dojo
2182 E. 54th St

2013The Oxford Shop
56th and Illinois

2012Allstate Insurance
2015 Broad Ripple Ave

824 Westfield Blvd

2012Ripple Inn
929 Westfield Blvd

2012Dope Boutique
6267 Carrollton Ave

2012Fat Dan's Deli
815 Broad Ripple Ave

1069 Broad Ripple Ave

2012Ribbon Salon
6111 College Ave

2012Ragin' Cajun Kitchen
927 Westfield Blvd

2012Running With Scissors
6357 Guilford Ave

2012Red Mango
914 Broad Ripple Ave

2012 08Locals Only Art & Music Pub
2449 E. 54th St

2012Arthur Murray Dance Studio
2361 Broad Ripple Ave

2012Keystone Deli
2344 E. 53rd Street

2012Cartridge World
2138 E. 62nd Street

2011Greiner's Sub Shop
6336 Guilford Ave

2011Salon 6
moved from 6267 Carrollton Ave

2234 Broad Ripple Ave

2011Ideal Water
moved from 6345 Carrollton Ave

2011McNamara Florist
moved from 1111 E. 61st St to Glendale

2011Boogie Burger
moved from 927 Westfield Blvd

2011Broad Ripple Relax & Renew Massage Center
moved from 6013 College Ave. to Nora

2011Pastel Spa
6169 College Ave

2011lululemon athletica
corner of 64th and Cornell Ave

2011Future Shock
6323 Ferguson

2011Midtown Grill
815 E. Westfield Blvd

2011 10La Jolla
921 Broad Ripple Ave

2011Bee Window
1002 E. 52nd St

2011Greeks Pizzeria
834 E. 64th

2011Just Judy's
moved from 2210 East 54th St

2011Quality Leasing
moved from 6320 Guilford

2011The Red Eye
Evanston Avenue and Broad Ripple Ave

2011Segway of Indiana
853 East 65th St

6378 College Ave

Glendale (moved into lower level Flanner Buchanan)

2010Trash To Treasures
62nd and College Ave

2010Circle City Pizza
52nd and College Avenue

2010Ripple Effect Salon
moved from 6354 Guilford Ave

2010Crazy 8 Boutique
809 Broad Ripple Avenue

2010MultiMedia Art Supply and Framing
6507 College Ave

2010Dog Ripple Boutique
833 Westfield Boulevard

2010Adaru Natural Hair/Braiding Salon
6524 Carrollton Ave

2010French Pharmacie
823 Westfield Boulevard

2010Vibe Entertainment
843 Westfield Boulevard

2010Red Rose Vintage Clothing
6169 College Ave

2010Upper Room Martini Bar
929 Westfield Blvd

2010 06News Cafe
5406 College Ave

2010Da Blue Lagoon
5168 College Ave

2010Game Station
1045 Broad Ripple Avenue

2010Honeysuckle Home
moved from 920 Broad Ripple Ave

2010Broad Ripple Steakhouse
929 Westfield Blvd

2009City Dogs Grocery
moved from 4850 N. College Ave

2009Girly Chic
moved from 841 Westfield Blvd

6308 Guilford Ave

908 Westfield Blvd

2008Glendale Shell
6201 N. Keystone Ave

801 Broad Ripple Ave

2008Monon Fitness
5301 Winthrop Ave

2008Love Phaith
moved from 809 Broad Ripple Ave

2008Boardroom Games
1045 Broad Ripple Ave

2008Snapdragon Salon
moved from 1040 Broad Ripple Ave

2008Bardach Awards / Broad Ripple Trophy Shop
moved from 910 Broad Ripple Ave

2008The Toggery
moved from 6349 Guilford Ave

2008First Indiana Bank
714 Broad Ripple Ave (becomes M&I)

2008Missing Link Records
moved from 6053 College Ave

2007Paw Patch Veterinary Clinic
moved from 5897 College Ave

2007Sky Bank
724 Broad Ripple Ave

2007Turandot Decorative Arts
912 Westfield Blvd (opened 1994)

2006The Dog Food Shop
56th & Illinois

2006Midwest Model Makers
moved from 6220 Carrollton Ave

2005Rouge Nightclub
6308 Guilford Ave

2006Broad Ripple Marathon
63rd & College Ave

2006The Village Kitchen
927 Westfield Blvd

2006L.S. Ayres
Glendale Mall

2006Thai One On
6523 Ferguson St

2006eMilano's Sunny's Pizza
1035 Broad Ripple Ave

2005Patio Nightclub
6308 Guilford Ave

2005Indy CD and Vinyl
moved from 808 Broad Ripple Ave

6501 N. College Ave

2004Strange Days
6412 Ferguson Avenue

2004Mystique Salon
6310 N. College Avenue

808 Broad Ripple Ave

2000eRenee's French Delicatessan
839 Westfield Blvd

1999Jitter Beans
1912 Broad Ripple Ave

1997Stewart's Stationers
808 Broad Ripple Ave

1986Broad Ripple Library
moved from 6219 Guilford Ave

1982Crazy Al's
5373 N. College Ave

1982Burger Chef (becomes Hardee's)
6501 N. College Ave

1980eCrazy Al's Pizza
5408 N. College Ave

62nd & Keystone moved to 65th & Keystone
Current number of entries = 436